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Mind's Eye Meditations

I live on the Northeast side of Madison, WI and room with four fine felines who allow me to care for and live with them. Life rules and needs to be shared!
a fish called wanda, ai, alternative spirituality, anita baker, annie lennox, apocalypse now, bach, big, big fish, billy jack, billy joel, blade runner, blood diamond, boards of canada, brad pitt, cat people, cat stevens, cat woman, catch & release, cats, chai tea, chappie's pub, chicago, clerks, close encounters, cooking, cycling, david benoit, dead like me, dean koontz, deja vu, democracy, dexter, dr. zhivago, environment, er, erykah badu, fargo, fibromyalgia, flaming lips, forest gump, friends, gardening, gary jules, george carlin, george clooney, glenn close, goldfrapp, grateful dead, green bay packers, happy feet, harold &; maude, heart, herbal tea, ice age, insomnia, interstate 60, it's a wonderful life, jennifer connelly, k-pax, kraftwerk, led zeppelin, life as a house, loreena mckennitt, madison wi, massive attack, matrix, meet joe black, meryl streep, million dollar baby, monty python, morvern callar, mr. mom, natural remedies, nina simone, nobody's fool, ocd, on golden pond, over the hedge, packers, patch adams, patricia cornwell, peter gabriel, phish, pink floyd, point of no return, porcupine tree, pulp fiction, radiohead, reading, robert a. heinlein, robin williams, rolling stones, saturday night live, sia, sigur ros, six feet under, skinny puppy, solaris, squeaky toys, star wars, steely dan, stephen king, stereo lab, steve hillage, stevie wonder, subtitles, swords, tai chi, tangerine dream, the abyss, the beatles, the big blue, the big lebowski, the constant gardener, the davinci code, the dead poets society, the doors, the english patient, the green mile, the horse whisperer, the lake house, the muppet show, the nightmare before christmas, the painted veil, the polar express, the sixth sense, the terminal, the who, thrill kill kult, timeshard, tosca, toy story, toys, tricky, turner & hooch, underworld, vanilla sky, vitamins, whale's tales, wicca, world according to garp, x-files, yes, yoga