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Well, apparently I need a miracle worker and not a dr. or MDiety!! Upon my 2nd opinion request about my x-rays from the podiatrist, the pain clinic specialist finally called me back today to tell me that they found out that the podiatrist missed the fact that I'm lacking in a 2nd SESAMOID bone in both feet!!! Which, had she actually LISTENED to me about my injury, might have saved me months of suffering. As it is, I am told that I need to wait until my next appointment in February. Yeah.
28th-Dec-2009 06:31 pm - Sherlock Holmes
Went to Star Cinema to meet twilightreader for a matinee showing and was not disappointed, it was most entertaining. Having not seen any of the previews I was anticipating a bit more plot and suspense, and although there was that it was much more of an action-adventure than had been expected, though tastefully done, and Robert Downey Jr.'s enactment gave it some less somber depth. It would have been even more enjoyable if the little girl sitting next to me would have put down her texting device, which I finally politely asked her to do, explaining how rude that was, though really fighting an urge to just grab the thing and chuck it forcibly down one of the aisles. (: Will definitely be one to watch again on dvd w/ subtitles to get more of the quiet scenes. Altogether though, a very good way to distract from a bad fibro day.
24th-Dec-2009 08:45 am - Merry Christmas!
To those who celebrate this holiday my warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas go out to you! Please stay safe if you need to travel today, for any reason, whether it's to visit friends or family for the holiday or if you have to work, heard the roads are pretty slick. Peace & Love!
18th-Dec-2009 10:15 am - Pork Loin Roast
Was going to make this last night, but ran out of energy after being kept up most of the day dealing with the nonsense of my elderly, very over-medicated neighbor pounding up and down the stairs and in and out of the basement from 3 A.M. onward.

Anyway, so I felt like making a roast, no occasion other than a great sale price on a very good cut of meat from Pierce's Market just up the street (excellent produce and meat/deli selection, almost rivals Jennifer Street) so herbed and spiced it up and popped it in the oven...

15th-Dec-2009 06:41 am - Prepping Statement for JRMMA Hearing
Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm disabled.
When living in Milwaukee during Spring of 1993 I was poisoned by cryptosporidium in the city's drinking water and my immune system was destroyed. I was horribly sick for over a year but fought back to try to keep working, off and on due to recurrent illnesses, for almost another fourteen years.
In 2003 I received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and by 2006 was no longer able to work.
I have also just recently been diagnosed with CRPS: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly known as: RSD: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) an extremely painful and potentially crippling illness.
The doctors I have seen don't know what causes it, it can occur suddenly as a result of injury or for no reason at all, and there is no known cure only treatment.
The pain is excruciating.
How many of you here today experienced horrible pain just trying to put on your socks this morning? Socks?!
Due to the nature of my condition and my extreme chemical sensitivities I experience debilitating adverse reactions to most commonly prescribed synthetic pain medications. There is only one I can presently tolerate and I need to take additional medication to counteract the side-effects.
Were I to have the option of legally prescribed medical marijuana I could reduce my pain medication and the horrible side-effects that it causes.
Were I to have the option of legally prescribed medical marijuana I could have a higher quality of life within the limitations of my disability.
I believe it is unconscionable to criminalize patients who find therapeutic relief from medical marijuana, and I urge you to support the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act.
13th-Nov-2009 10:21 pm - Tears of Joy
I just got a call from my friend Cody (my favorite kiddo!), my neighbor's grandson (whom I've seen grow up into a fine young man) who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I found out about that a little over a month ago and have just been praying for him. He's only 16 and was diagnosed by his uncle, (a Dr.) with whom he now lives with his aunt and cousins in CA for the past 2 years, but recently he visited this last summer and seemed tired, but ok.. Although we didn't get to hang out much when he was here, he seemed like he was doing so much better than before he moved...not that I noticed anything wrong health-wise other than his being tired a lot, but spiritually, emotionally and in school...reading and really getting into sports, baseball mostly. And shortly after his grandma told me about his diagnosis I thought of a book that another friend had just given me: Steve & Me by Teri Irwin the story of the "Croc Hunter" that Cody loved to watch and I knew immediately who it should go to. So tonight he called me to let me know that he received it and to thank me!! We talked about how his treatments are going, 4 shots of insulin daily, and what he had to go through with his diagnosis, ER & a helicopter flight to another ICU, and I held off the tears until after we were off the phone. He said that the shots don't hurt, he's back in school & is pitching an 85 mph fastball! What an amazing kid! To think that this was the little troublemaker that I used to yell at for riding his bike on the lawn and smashing bricks against the side of the building and him & his friends pounding up and down the stairs...just silly kid stuff...but he was really doing poorly in school...and he would come over here and hang out with Bowie & I (that cat absolutely loved him) and I would try to help with his homework...what an incredible turnaround from the 9 years ago that I met him...and then to get hit with this and rebound so well.

I'm not sure that my health issues exactly pale in comparison, but I'm hoping to tap into that higher strength. And so hoping and praying that he is able to have a more *able* life. He said he's off to a 3-day camping trip this weekend and is going to start reading the book when the fish aren't biting. As much as I hope he enjoys the book I really hope he catches lots of fish.
2nd-Nov-2009 09:29 pm - New Dr. Appointment
New Dr. is an Osteopath and Internist.  Good:  BP is down a bit & I've lost 10#; he has no prob continuing my current meds at present dosage (especially after I mentioned the fact that I am not "In violation of my Opioid Contract," with UW Health as stated in the notes from previous MDeity, and: I would have to be taking at least 10x present amounts or equivalent to >100mg of morphine daily.)  Bad: he feels that I'm "Fixated," another lovely psych term, and wants a psych eval, explained that I've had 2 in the last several years (which SHOULD be in my chart as well as a whole bunch of other stuff and then many things that SHOULDN'T, but that's a whole other rant) and the only depressing thing in my life is having to deal with doctors (stress, yess, depressed, no) but he wants documentation of that (need to call tomorrow) also wants me to try Amitriptyline for my anxiety, which he feels is uncontrolled (as if it's something separate from my fibro pain levels) and which I've heard of before and asked what the common name is...but he danced around that saying that: "It's been found to be very helpful for fibromyalgia patients, and I'd like you to try it."  Looked it up when I got home and found out IT'S FUCKING ELAVIL!!!!!  I specifically said (nicely) NO GODDAMN ANTIDEPRESSANTS!!  I'd prefer to pass on being a zombie, thank you very much, Halloween is over already!  That's the same shit that put dad in la-la land and with my extreme chemical sensitivities...well, not gonna happen.  Fixated.  That's precious.  Fixated upon being treated decently??  By a Dr. who has at least some REAL understanding of fibro??  Well, at least I've got my meds for now until I can get some other stuff sorted and then search for a better Dr.
22nd-Oct-2009 06:51 pm - Long overdue post
2009 has been shaping up to be a pretty tough year.  Ok, maybe not so pretty.  Still, been trying to stay positive and be thankful for my friends and family, who have been so very supportive, my furry family that keeps me going every day, and so far, the sun still rises each morning.  So I got that going for me.

There have been some highs along with the lows: Seeing Bill Cosby and heckling him (for which I feel guilty...Applesauce!); Rhythm & Booms BBQ; going to my best friend's graduation; celebrating a few birthdays with friends; and going to the Green Bay Packers opening preseason game with another best friend who had never had the "Lambeau Experience," seeing some of my cousins there and having a fun time at the hotel after the game. 

And, biggest of big: not having to testify against the psycho down the street who, finally, at the last possible minute, accepted a guilty plea for threatening to kill my downstairs neighbor and her children then smashing in her front window while she and the children were in the room.

Through all this I'm still trying to find a primary care doctor who has some clue about fibromyalgia and think that I might have found a new osteopath who will fill the bill.  Will find out in a little over a week.

Remembering to breathe is important.
8th-Apr-2009 10:18 pm - watercolours
we have so little and
yet, too much
it's hard to understand
painting without brushes
only bare hands
that never touches
the watercolours
that wash away in the rain
17th-Mar-2009 03:46 am - Goodbye to My Dear Baby
My sweet, sweet Bowie who would always purr and still did until late last night...


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